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White House hosts a workshop for a game developer “Girls Make Games”

Last Wednesday the White House hosted 20 girls aged 11-14 in a special Girls Make Games workshop in an effort to support women in game development and inspire girls to consider careers as game makers.

It was the first time a Girls Make Games game dev event has taken place in the White House, and that’s kind of a big deal for a program that essentially began with a single tweet in 2014. At the end of the workshop all the participants walked away with a certificate, some chocolate (pictured), a prototype of their game and resources they could utilize to continue their game dev efforts.

The venture, spearheaded by LearnDistrict cofounder Leila Shabir, grew quickly and now encompasses a slew of game dev summer camps, workshops and other educational efforts around the world.

“Simply being there, making something together with peers from across the country (GMG alumni from 8 states attended!), and interacting with champions like Ruthe Farmer (WH Senior Policy Advisor for Tech Inclusion) and Erik Martin (Policy Advisor, Office of Science and Tech Policy) was sufficient validation. The 20 girls who attended have now gone back to their homes and schools and will continue to further inspire their friends and communities.”

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