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So you want to be a game developer? Our creative team share their insights

What will you do if you feel bored? What will you do if you have so much free time but you’re confused on how to spend that time? Some of you will answer playing some games. It is no doubt that playing games are one of the activities that you will choose in order to spend your time during lunch break, or when you cannot sleep at  the night, or even during your holiday when you have so many free times. But imagine, if you become the creator of the game itself, instead of becoming just a player of the game? It would be very interesting because you are the who makes the game instead of just playing it.

Of course, when you decided to step your further into a game creator, you have to put all your effort and passion into the game itself because you have to be creative, and be ready to make new innovation, like a passion that one of the experienced game developer from GameLevelOne, Michael Elwin Setiadi always put when he become the person that directly involved behind some of GameLevelOne games such as Doki-Doki rescue, Claw mania, and many others.

1) What is Video Game development?

When we thought about the definition of video game development itself, there will be so many complicated explanations. However, he described it with a simple definition

video game development is a process to create a game from start to finish”.

2) Why did you decide to enter the field of development?

Since I laid my hands on a pong controller and gaming since childhood it was a dream to enter and participate in a creative industry”.

The dream that makes Elwin step up his career into game development.
Because we know when we try to step into Video Game development we need so much effort and passion

3) Are there common misconceptions about your profession?

This is interesting to see how public seeing the game developer, there are so many people assumed that being a game developer means that all you have to do during work time is playing the game, which is partly true lol, but he has another answer. Instead of having so much time for playing games

On the contrary [of what people think], I find my gaming time is significantly less AFTER I work in a game industry”.

4) What do you find most interesting about video game development?
Of course, being a game developer, there is no better thing that more interesting than seeing people react and give comments about their game, and it is also implemented to Elwin.
“Seeing the player reaction and stories when they play and react to your game” is the most interesting part that he likes about the profession as a game developer.

5) What do you find least interesting about video game development?
Like a common worker in every company, a deadline is the most horrible things that all of the people avoid. This is also what Elwin feels during his experience in video game development. Crunch time is the most least interesting about video game, when the deadline is approaching and the project is not finished yet.

6) What is a typical day like for you?
There are many people who wonder what is the typical day like for a game developer. Because work in game industry perhaps brings any kind of assumption regarding their day. However, he said that typical day like for him as likely similar to another common worker such as” come into the office, meet with the management to prioritize the day, work on a design, check the others work and also have a lunch and then do more work.

7) What pieces of advice, or caution, would you offer to a prospective student or video game development?
Finally, as a piece of advice for the future game developer who would like to step further into game development industry, he advises “Start a small project that you can finish. Don’t start with something big”.