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Take a peek at antagonists in video games, are they really that bad?

Every story, every game needs a good villain, right? What is a story without a villain?

However, sometimes the “bad guy” in video games isn’t always that evil, or bad. Maybe they’re just simply looking at it in different perspective, maybe what they’re doing is just for the greater good. Video games have tons of ambiguous antagonists, each of them shaped from their own backstory and their own motivation. Today, we’re going to talk about the types of video games, along with the character.

The Evil Antagonist

Sephiroth | Final Fantasy VII

The truly villain, or the purely villain; with their intent of harming the others, or just to fulfil their desire of evil, or just simply wanted to see the world burn. This type of villain usually can be found in fantasy, sci-fi, and action-adventure, although they can still appear in other genres.

Often, the narrative surrounding of this Evil Antagonist usually develops into light vs dark, with the protagonist as a noble hero. Conceding that this type of villain is played out, but there is a reason why this type of villain is so popular. This pure villain is satisfying to beat, they also gave us the basic human instinct, fear. We beat the evil, we conquer our fear.

The pure evil antagonist can be seen in the character of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.

Some Evils are born, Others created

Delilah Copperspoon | Dishonored

Not every antagonist born and just straightaway becomes evil. Maybe some of them just unfortunate to grew up in the wrong place, or maybe something that triggers them to do bad things. In many stories, there have been many villains that’s forged by the cruelties of life, and one of them is Delilah Copperspoon.

Born to the Kaldwin lineage, as the illegitimate daughter of Emperor Euhorn Kaldwin. Sometimes she would ask her father if she could participate in court, in hopes that she can get the role of a princess, yet Emperor Kaldwin always postpones it. Until one day she’s being framed for breaking a valuable item then thrown out of Dunwall Tower. Leaving her and her mother to struggling to survive in the unforgiving streets of Dunwall.

Misguided in Their Beliefs

The Illusive Man | Mass Effect

There are many antagonists that have taken their own dark roads, and one of them can be an erroneous belief. Whether they think that they’re saving their own country, or even their world or fighting against something that is good, the hubris of these villains is sometimes went too far. This kind of antagonist can be found in the Illusive Man.

An elusive, secretive, and well-informed leader of Cerberus who believes that humanity must be preserved at all cost, the Illusive Man thinks what he’s doing is right for the galaxy, for the humanity, he thinks that he can make humanity much better, yet at the end he becomes a pawn of the evil that he tried to stop.

They Only Appear Evil

The Boss | Metal Gear

Let’s face it that this kind of type of antagonist is that they’re all just tragic. They look like an evil person on the surface yet their purpose is for the greater good. It’s tragic obviously because we only see them as villain not hero who try to save the world. There is no greater martyr than Metal Gear Solid’s The Boss.

A character who sacrifices everything for her country, for her mission, The Boss die as a traitor in the eyes of the world in order to keep peace in the world, in order to keep the world stay away from another great war.

How to Create an Amazing and Memorable Villain

There are many ways to create a great villain either in video games, movies, or books. We are going to show you how to create one.

Start with have a great and interesting backstory. It doesn’t have to be a cheesy tragic backstory, make it simpler so the audience can understand and relate to the backstory.

Then have yourself placed in their shoes, in other words, different perspective. Understanding your villain character is important in building their own character. How would you feel as a villain, what is your motivation. There are many motivations, even though it’s silly but it’s reasonable.

You can also give an unexpected plot twist to the characters that you wanted to make a villain. As for an example, the protagonist’s friend could be their worst enemy, with this kind of formula can result a great impact to character building, that could make the protagonist have a trust issue because of the backstabbing.

Lastly, give them a great design. Visual is also important! Make your villain character more stand out, make them different. A great design of character can be memorable.