Studio Visit “MMTC” Yogyakarta to GameLevelOne

On 20 November 2018, GameLevelOne (GL1) welcomed “MMTC” Yogyakarta for their comparative study. The event was held as part of the company’s development agenda and to introduce the studio to others, especially students.
During the occasion, GL1’s CEO, Felix Ramli introduced GameLevelOne to all of the students. Right after, GL1’s producer, Elwin Setiadi had a presentation regarding game production including its work-flow.
The event was focused on education students on the day-to-day activities in game development and publishing. They split into two teams. First team got presentation from the publishing team with a game session (they played “Soccer Manager Arena SEA“) and the rest had a tour to see game production with our programmers and 2D artists.
And finally, to close the event, lecturers from “MMTC” gave the placard to our CEO. In returns, we gave goodie bags to the lecturers.
We are very open to others who want to visit us anytime. If your institutions are interested, please kindly contact us at