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Promoting Your Business with Mobile Games

Promoting your Business with Mobile Games is now easier than in the past and well worth the effort for many business owners. The use of mobile apps has been shown to cut costs, increase productivity, and give your business a stronger hold on the market. Yet it’s a good idea not only to think about integrating mobile apps with your business, but also to think about what kind of apps will be most effective.

Recent surveys assessing the public’s use of mobile apps have overwhelmingly showed that the most popular apps are mobile games. According to a survey conducted by, 64% of smartphone users play games, with the average iPhone user averaging 14.7 hours per month. As a result, online business owners might want to determine how to best integrate mobile games as a promotional tool.

The Benefits Of Using Mobile Games

There are many uses of mobile apps for business owners, including new payment models that allow users to swipe their phone rather than carry credit cards. Yet gaming unlocks the door to unique promotional possibilities. By using mobile games to promote your business, you can reach a wide audience and create a buzz around your brand. Businesses can tie promotional offers as rewards for beating levels of the game, for example, or use customer purchases to unlock a new level of the game.

People love a challenge, and using mobile games as a promotional tool allows you to tap into that aspect of human nature. With more and more of the public conducting business and making purchases on the go, another benefit is that business owners can reach their target audience no matter where they might be.