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Pro Story Telling : How to Succeed in Indonesia Mobile Game Industry

How to Succeed in Indonesia Mobile Game Industry? Have you planned to expand your mobile game business in Indonesia? You have to understand that Indonesia’s mobile gaming industry is rapidly growing and has an enormous potential for mobile game developers.

In order to succeed on your plan, you have to commit for serious efforts when localizing your mobile game app for Indonesian market. One of the things that you have to carefully know before localizing is what type that Indonesian gamers mostly have, because it is one of the aspects that will influence how to localize your business.

Recognize typical Indonesian gamers!

Here’s some information that you should know about the typical of Indonesian gamers:

1.      When your mobile game genre is action, war or strategy game, you should prefer to create your game content in English.

Why you should still use foreign language even when you have localized the content for Indonesian market? The reason is whether the words in Bahasa would be have the same meaning, but the tone and terminology might make no sense. These kind of game types are also usually played by high quality gamers, whose more exclusive and prefer serious content. No wonder these game types are usually become the top three on top grossing at Google Play, such as Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, and Crisis Action e-Sport.

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2.    If your mobile game is a casual game type, use Indonesian (Bahasa) for its content. 

Casual game is usually an easy playing games with informal language. It is also oftentimes got some humour on it to make it funnier and amusing. Since every country has different sense of humour, it would be easier to make the game more exciting by using the targeted country’s mother language, such as if you want to enter Indonesian market, you better use Bahasa.

This tip is an appropriate way to make your mobile game more “Indonesian” and engaging with the local gamers. You can learn the success of Duel Otak, a quiz game by FEO Media AB, a Sweden game developer. Duel Otak is very famous and successfully went viral at decent time in Indonesia because it’s easy to play with Bahasa as its default language.

3.      Avoid sex content!

Due to Indonesian culture that contemplate sex content as taboo, this kind of content will give a bad review for developer or publisher because Indonesia’s society deem sexual approach as an uneducated and immoral act. So, in order to accelerate your mobile game development in Indonesian market, prevent sex content before it harms your business.

Choose the right agency!

The most important thing you have to know to win Indonesian market is choosing the right agency whom you would like to work with. For those reason, you have to find a reliable partner who has the capability and know Indonesian culture, game behaviour also market very well. Based on my worth working experience with one of leading mobile app marketing company, I recommend to choose the agency with ideal insight and comprehension of how important those things are for mobile app promotion development, so that it could affect how well the campaign will be run.

Furthermore, you should also deeply consider how capable the agency on developing your campaign with interesting content and creative materials that suitable for Indonesian market, and choose a trustworthy mobile app marketing consultant that knows very well the appropriate channels for your campaign.

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