Finger Dash is an awesome art typing game!
slashing the cute monsters by typing every
words in order to become the best!


Game features:

*Hundreds of cute monster to discover

*Fast typing to train your finger

*Ten awesome Power Up

*Millions of words to spell

*Different keyboard theme with powerful attacks


*Compete your typing skill with your friends in Leaderboard

*Show off your ranks with Achievements

*Test your luck with Roulette Gacha


Claw Mania is a crane arcade game, it makes you feel like you are on the fair, festival or near the claw machine near your supermarket at home.


Game features:

*Same feeling as claw arcade game

*Comfortable control, convenient screen

*First Person View

*Various cute dolls collection


Asal tebak puno is a trivia game about the Punakawans helping out the tourists while circling around Indonesia. It offers playful vocabs that we need to guess so that the Punakawans can guide all the tourists.


Game features:

*Tour around all the city in Indonesia with interesting vocabs

*Play with different level each city you've visited

*Roll "Roda Beruntung", a russian-roulette style and test your luck

*Connect with facebook and play together with your friends

*Offline mode available! No internet required.


With bunch of explosion Pixel Game will satisfy your desire as an arcade game lover. Killing has never been so fun!
Experience running in a deadly unimagined marathon course! Get your way through landmines and killer to be the number one runner. You will be able to pick weapons such as grenade, guns, vehicles, and even an all-butchering sword to help throughout the race.


Too busy for real sports play? Play basketball on your mobile now, Don't forget to compete with your friends for more fun!


Collect and upgrade over 100 cards starring your favourite players and compete head-to-head in real-time football matches located in iconic, city based arenas across the world.


Game features:

*Build your All Stars team

*Tour the world in iconic city Arenas on your path to be No.1

*Immerse yourself in the action with a 3D dynamic shooting and goalkeeping experience.

*Show off your finishing skills by curling one in the top corner, or smashing it past the goalkeeper from distance.

*Win trophies to unlock new levels

*Elite players with unique special abilities

*Create your strategy by selecting one of the 6 different formations.


EmojiCare is the best emoji virtual game pet for Android with all your favorite emoji’s expressions. Cute emoji is here for you to take care of, what once only on your keyboard now emoji has come to life with EmojiCare.


Game features:

*ADOPT and TAKE CARE your own Virtual Pet Emoji! 🤗

*DECORATE your emoji’s home and make your friends envious! 😵

*UNLOCK and COMPLETE all Emoji Expression! 🤩

*GROW your adorable emoji up 🤩

*PLAY mini games and have fun with your Emoji! 😘

*DRESS your emoji in various costume and be the stylish one! 😎


Doki-Doki Rescue is a classic retro game where player act as a firefighter who needs to save civilians that jump out of the building into the ambulance
do you ready to save the day as firefighter and be the only one hero?
Best game for all retro game players!
Become the best firefighter there is!
Play the world famous classic retro game and compete with friends to prove who get the highest score!


Game features:

*FEEL the new experience of Legendary Retro Game FIREMAN!

*SAVE people from the building and BEAT the score!

*UNLOCK and COMPLETE all the Epic Pop Culture Skin!

*SHARE your score and CHALLENGE your friend to beat it!



Pemburu Hantu is Adventur/ARPG game where player act as Josie who has the mission to protect her town from evil spirit.
You will meet the most iconic ghosts/hantu of Indonesia, from Kuntilanak, Pocong, Babi Ngepet even Tuyul
Best ARPG/Adventure game with local pride!
Venture Indonesian supernatural culture with cool gameplay!


Game features:

*Find and catch many of cultural Indonesian Ghost!

*There are Tuyul, Pocong, Kuntilanak, event Babi Ngepet in here!

*Assemble a team of three to defeat bad ghosts

*Feeling followed by Ghost? Catch the Ghost with the AR Feature!

*Take the journey to the haunted place like School, Graveyard, etc!