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Nintendo Switch Got Official Experimental Support in Unreal Engine 4.15

The latest version of Unreal Engine (4.15) has landed, and what’s notable about this iteration is the inclusion of Nintendo Switch support.

Although support is still considered “experimental” at this stage, developers will now be able to create for Nintendo’s new console using the engine.

Elsewhere, 4.15 offers a number of stability, performance, and visual improvements in the form of CPU time reduction, low resolution artifacts reduction, and automatic memory budgeting.

Developer workflows and runtime performance have also been enhanced, while compile times for programmers have been drastically reduced.

“Reloading content while Unreal Editor is running, Reroute nodes in Materials, a new Blendspace Editor, new mathematics Blueprint nodes, and more contribute to an even more streamlined development process in this release,” read the release notes.

“For those looking to squeeze out every drop of performance, Cooking Blueprints to C++ native code is no longer an experimental feature, the Texture Streaming system has gotten an overhaul, and Alternate Frame Rendering with NVIDIA SLI gives a boost on high end systems.”

Cinematics and animation pipelines have also been shored up as part of the update, which features 79 improvements overall.

You can find out more about Unreal Engine 4.15 by checking out the release notes right here.