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Netmarble Announced Their Upcoming Mobiles Games for 2017

Yesterday, Netmarble held the 3rd NTP (Netmarble Together with Press) on January 18. During the conference, CEO Kwon Young-shik reviewed the great achievement of Lineage 2 Revolution with revenue surpassed $176 million in the first month. After that, they announced 17 upcoming mobile games, including Blade & Soul, Terra, and another of Netmarble’s IP.

In order to expand the global market, Netmarble has already established cooperation with publishers from North America, Europe, China and Japan and some of mobile games mentioned above will be exclusive to certain regions. Let’s check the lineup below:

  • Blade & Soul
  • Seven Knights MMORPG
  • Icarus M
  • Terra (ARPG + MMO)
  • Stone Age MMORPG (For CN Market)
  • The King of Fighters All Star
  • Knights Chronicle (Next-generation RPG for JP Market)
  • Teria Saga (Strategy Game for JP Market)
  • Phantom Gate (Adventure RPG for NA/EU Market)
  • Yokai Saga (Strategy RPG)
  • Destiny 6 (Strategy RPG)
  • Penta Storm (5V5 MOBA)
  • G.I.JOE (Strategy + Community Elements)
  • First Born: Kingdom Come (Strategy Game + RPG Elements)
  • Trendy Town (SNG Game)
  • Yokai watch medal Wars
  • Transformers: Forged to Fight (Soft Launch)

One of the most remarkable games was Seven Knights MMORPG, an reinterpretation of “Seven Knights”. The classic IP has surpassed 30 million downloads worldwide. The mobile version will be developed with Unreal Engine 4 to deliver the best graphics. Check the video below for Seven Knights MMORPG :