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NetEase Games Talkshop at GDC 2017

Next week at GDC 2017, NetEase will host a high-level game developer forum titled Insight of Fun. For this event, NetEase is bringing its A-Team of game producers to share their concepts and experience with industry peers. The company is also looking to announce new game pipeline and overseas strategy with global partners.

With unrelenting pursuit for great gaming, NetEase Games take up half of the iOS best selling rank in China. In 2016, NetEase Games won the top developer award from both App Store and Google Play. According to App Annie, in October 2016, NetEase Games was the highest grossing developer on both App Store and Google Play worldwide. The Company is ranked among top 3 grossing game developer on App Store. In addition to self-developed games, NetEase Games also partners with top global game companies such as Blizzard Entertainment and Mojang AB to collaborate on fun and creativity.

With such reputation and market traction, NetEase Games is becoming increasingly influential in the international gaming market. Therefore, its not hard to deduce the next step for NetEase Games is to fully enter the global gaming market.

The top tier developers includes Chen Junxiong,the producer of the mobile game Fantasy Westward Journey, Jin Tao, the producer of Onmyoji, Liu Xi, the producer of the Kung Fu Panda 3 official mobile game, and Yu Kai, the producer of Twilight Pioneers.

Fantasy Westward Journey: The flagship mobile game developed by NetEase Games with over 100 million registered players worldwide.Fantasy Westward Journey is a turn-based and Q-version MMORPG game created by the award-winning Fantasy Westward Journey game team. It has really created a stir in the gaming industry as a fantasy landscape for hundreds of millions of players.

Onmyoji: the blockbuster game NetEase Games launched in the third quarter of 2016. Onmyoji was ranked by App Store as Top 10 Mobile Game in China and was ranked by Facebook as Top 3 Best Mobile Game 2016 worldwide. Onmyoji is also popular in overseas markets, ranking the highest selling app in countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand. NetEase Games launched the Japanese version of Onmyoji recently while the English version is estimated to launch in months.

Twilight Pioneers: A first-person ARPG in VR by Netease Games and one of the first batch of games featured on Google’s Daydream VR.The game quickly climbed the Google VR games download rank and won the Experts’ Choice Award at the Unity-Vision VR/AR Summit Asia 2016.

Kung Fu Panda 3: The official mobile game of the movie Kung Fu Panda 3. A proprietary game developed by NetEase Games based on overseas IP. The game won the Google Play 2016 Popular Game Award in Korea.