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Indonesia is where all the mobile gaming action is!


As a game developer, we must have to realize that Indonesia is a big potential for mobile gaming. Because if there’s something that’s popular on mobile, no matter what region or country you are in, it’s mobile games. We often have some apps that find massive success in one region, but fail to gather any steam in another, because they just don’t fit into that region’s digital content culture, if there were one. Whatever the case may be this is not true for mobile games.

We’ve seen that mobile games are massively popular all over the world. Outside of social networking, if something has the power to bring together people on smartphones and even form communities, it is mobile gaming. This love for mobile gaming is spreading across the world and we see it growing fast in Indonesia.

A 2015 Newzoo report on Southeast Asia’s gaming market estimates that Indonesia is the fastest growing market in terms of revenues at a CAGR of 37% between 2013 and 2017. Mobile gaming contributed to 52% of all gaming revenue in 2015, with revenues of USD 167 million.

According to the App-Annie-2015-Retrospective report, app downloads across Google Play & iOS app store in Indonesia grew by 40% in 2015 over the previous year. The country currently ranks 6th on Google Play store in terms of app download.

Indonesian mobile gamers account for 26% of all mobile gamers in Southeast Asia. In terms of active mobile gamers Indonesia has the highest (30.7 million) when compared to the rest of Southeast Asia. Of these active mobile gamers, 49% spend money on games, higher than the 45% average for the entire Southeast Asia region. Strategy & racing games are the top game genres on which they spend money.

A reason why mobile gaming is so popular in the country is that while 10% of the mobile gamers are between 25 and 34 years of age, a whopping 82% of them are under 24 years of age. This means the future of mobile gaming in Indonesia is bright and holds a lot of promise for game developers. If you’re a game developer looking to make a mark on the Indonesian mobile gaming scene, there could not be a better time.

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