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How to Execute a Successful Launch a Mobile Game?

succesful mobile game launch

How to Execute a Successful Launch a Mobile Game? In a market flooded with new (and perhaps worthy) entries, how does an indie developer stand out? What exactly is needed for a successful launch and – more importantly – one that will lead to sustained sales and growth?

There’s no doubt that a successful launch is critical to the life cycle of any mobile app or game. Also, beside of those releasing products to the Play Store, little is really known about how the top games and apps get where they are.

There’s no formula for guaranteed launch success, one thing the developers we spoke with agreed on is that visibility is king. One of the best ways to become visible is to get talked about in other outlets. Even when a developer or team figures out a good launch strategy though, things can change when your second product launches.

It would seem the successful launch – and specifically one that leads to sustained popularity – depends on a mix of several factors. Exposure is without a doubt the largest, but launch success also seems to depend on the nature of the product, as well as preceding products.

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that successfully launching a new game is challenging in a market that already has thousands of new products competing constantly, even more so considering the unclear and changing factors that contribute to a product’s success or failure.