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GameLevelOne goes to Indonesia Comic Con 2018!

Indonesia Comic Con is one of the most known annual pop culture events among Indonesian, and the event has been going on since 2016 and obviously has been inviting many named actors and actresses. Indonesia Comic Con is also a part of the most notorious annual pop culture event, San Diego Comic Con. This year, Indonesia Comic Con was held in 27 – 28 October 2018.

This year, we went to Indonesia Comic Con, not only that, we also participate in this famous annual event. And we are gladly to tell all of you our experience in Indonesia Comic Con!

Visitors at GameLevelOne's booth
Cosplayer at GameLevelOne's booth

Laughter, energetic, fun and happiness filled our booth in Indonesia Comic Con with tons of activities. The visitor from our booth can try and test our mobile games that we put on display, from Doki Doki Rescue, arcade and retro-styled game that focusing on two firefighters trying to save civilians from burning building to an ambulance, then Macet ke Bioskop a game that fully focusing on Jakarta’s traffic, where you have to get to your objective while going through Jakarta’s beautiful scenery. Then there’s Pemburu Hantu, a game inspired by local’s pride that makes the player focusing on catching an Indonesian ghost. 

In this pop culture event, and it’s nearing Halloween, we have special updates for our few games. Pemburu Hantu got a special update where we fixed all of the bugs that keep bothering the players and one of the ghosts got a special skin for Indonesia Comic Con. While Macet ke Bioskop got a cosmetic update, there are few vehicles that looking creepy and ready for Halloween!

Not only that, in Indonesia Comic Con 2018 we also giving a teaser for all of our visitors about our recent game project titled Project Javatale. We were showing them the teaser and giving them a chance to play and taste our project for a little bit then
helping us by giving their feedback about the game. 

Is that everything on our booth? No! it’s not everything, we still have a claw machine that attract thousands of eyes of the visitor, why? Because we were the only booth that has claw machine! Obviously if they wanted to play the claw machine a coin is required, if they want to obtain additional coins they need to play our mobile games that we provide and gladly they got a plus point, they got a coin to play and they also enjoy playing our games!

In this annual pop culture event, we and our visitors enjoyed every little second we spent in the booth. Happy, smiling and laughing visitors are our motivation to do more better in the future. These people motivate us and thank you so much for all of the visitation, supports for us, we hope to see you again sometime in the future!

Indonesia Comic Con Spiderman
GameLevelOne at Indonesia Comic Con