GameLevelOne Goes to BEKRAF Game Prime

Game Prime has been one of the most known game showcases for Indonesia’s local game developers for the past few years. To support Indonesia best talent in game Industry, this year Game Prime took place on July 14th-15th at Balai Kartini – Jakarta, and GameLevelOne is very delightful to participate in this event.

Energetic fun had colored our booth activities. Attendees could try 4 of our games in display, which are Doki Doki Rescue, an arcade-style game where you as an ace firefighter rescue team saving people from falling to their demise plus a hi-tech smartphone awaits you for obtaining highest score of the day, continued to Macet Ke Bioskop which is Jakarta’s traffic-themed game where you could play it while having a blast scenery of the most hectic city in Indonesia, Pemburu Hantu a ghost adventure game featuring Indonesia’s iconic ghosts (hence “hantu” which means “ghosts”) and Football Clash: All Stars where you could be the Football Manager and athletes on the field that you’ve been dreamt of.

In BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 we were also introducing our newest game in iOS platform, Claw Mania AR- a realistic claw machine game that lives in your pocket, anytime, anywhere! Rest assured you will be drooling over our collections 😉

We know that everyone was really curious about the Claw Mania AR, so we brought an actual Claw Machine and every visitors can feel the true experience of getting dolls, just like the good ol’ days. Our stand was overflowing with hype! It really was a BLAST to us!

Is that all? Nope, aside from game trial and claw machine madness >,< , we held two competition in BEKRAF Game Prime, Doki Doki Rescue sponsored by Honor Mobile and Pemburu Hantu Photo Contest sponsored by Upoint.

Believe it or not on Doki Doki Rescue, many people suddenly changed their middle name as “competitive” (even our staffs!) and their skills reflects their confidence on the spot. The scoring that was actually humane turned inhumane in
just several hours flat. It is unbelievable how our simple game pushed their limits.

Pemburu Hantu Photo Contest proved that gamers have the coolest pose or can channel their inner Insta-Celeb skills in a day. From young teenagers to a  wholesome family, they have managed to create quality time playing around in our GameLevelOne Booth.

Pemenang Pemburu Hantu Photo Contest

For us, nothing beats looking at our smiling, laughing, and happy visitors. These nice little things made fills us with determination to create better game, better fun for all of you. Thank you so much for all the supports you give to us, We really hope to see you again in another event! Until next time!!