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Game Jolt Partner Program with Youtubers


Game platform and marketplace Game Jolt has launched a new “Partners” program that’s pitched as a way for game devs and YouTubers/streamers to work together to sell video games.

Devs should know that participating means opting in and adding your game into the Game Jolt Partners pot — participating streamers can then claim a copy of your game, make videos with it, and then also generate referral links to buy the game (from Game Jolt’s storefront) that allow them to take a 10 percent cut.

The way this works isn’t terribly novel — the Yogscast YouTubers did something similar back in 2014, for example. It’s not clear whether Game Jolt is requiring participating YouTubers/streamers to disclose that they’re getting a cut of any sales generated by the referral links they provide, but the company does note that people following those links will see a message explaining that a cut of the money they’re spending will be going to the broadcaster as part of the Partners program.

The program debuts this week and, at least at launch, it has some requirements in place for broadcasters: Twitch streamers are required to have at least 3,000 followers and more than 50 concurrent viewers (Twitch Partners are automatically greenlit), while YouTubers interested in participating must have at least 50,000 subscribers and an average of 3,000 views per video.