You will not lose your password ever again, thanks to this device!

How many accounts do you have? In this multi-networking, internet users have an average of 7 social accounts. Back in 2012, digital consumers had an average of just over 3 accounts; in 2016, this figure has risen to almost 7. That means people are members of about twice as many networks/apps now as they were in the earlier part of the decade. Sometimes having so much account can be the problem, especially when it comes to security. In order to keep your accounts save, you should have more than 3-4 type of password for every account.

Some people might have changed their password weekly and that makes it difficult to manage when one password to another get twisted and we’re not that organized. Instead of getting our account save, we might lose all of our accounts. It’s ok, we all had experienced that and is a common mistake beside we also have so much to think about in our head. Understand that nowadays so many users had the same problems when managing their accounts, there is this new device who can generate your password automatically with military grade security.

It is called Everykey. It’s a tiny device that provides a highly complex password security for your website accounts. In fact, the highest levels of the military use the very same technology to protect their top-secret documents! So with Everykey you never have to remember any of your passwords again! You get the security of those impossible-to-remember passwords with U.S. military level encryption, plus the convenience of never having to log in or out again!

Still a clumsy one? worry not, even if you’ll ever lose your key you can easily lock it down with your phone using their app or you can call customer service directly and have them freeze it for you. But here’s the thing, the Everykey device itself doesn’t store your passwords. They’re safely stored in an encrypted format on an Everykey secure server. So even if you lose or have your Everykey stolen, it’s totally useless in anyone’s hands except yours.