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Ever wondering why Indie Developer loves using Pixel Graphics?

Game has been known to be as one of the most fun and best entertainment when it comes to refreshing minds. There are many people who just enjoy playing games, then there are these people who wanted to make games, to express their ideas that the other games didn’t have. That is why there are independent game developers, expressing their ideas of games that have been buried in their mind.

These indie developers always wanted to focus their aim on more gameplay experience rather than only graphics, that is why many indie games tends to use pixel graphics rather than normal graphics.

Then there is this question that people ask to indie developers, ‘why pixel graphics?’ an interesting question, isn’t it? Most of indie developers always identical with pixel graphics, obviously there must be many reasons behind it, right? That is why we are going to explain the reasons behind it.

Source: FEZ game

Gameplay and Content over Visuals

It doesn’t mean that they don’t care about the art at all, they do care, but they prioritize gameplay experience over visuals.  There are some examples of games where they can be fun and great without focusing fully on the visual at all, such as Hotline Miami, a game that focusing on its difficult gameplay yet it is exciting thanks to the soundtrack behind it. Obviously, there are many indie games that both has great gameplay and great visual, such as Terraria.

Besides that, creating game that using 3D graphics is hard, it requires more than using pixel graphics. Because the resources of indie developers aren’t as big as the AAA developers, that is why resources is my next reason.

Tommy Refenes & Edmund McMillen from Super Meat Boy


Indie developer team usually doesn’t consist much of people, it can be around 10 or even 5 people, and their budget is tight, meaning that they just can’t hire a professional 3D modelling artist. Not to add that 3D modelling also requires a good computer and expensive software, meaning more money. Meanwhile pixel art style only needs drawing software and can work in most computer, it doesn’t require much of resources, right?

The other factor if an indie developer spends too much money on graphics it will be a big failure, since all they focus during development is just graphics.

Not to mention that these pixel graphics can take gamers back to the good old days of gaming, which is my next point.

Mega Man II (Game Boy)


Gamers know that pixel graphic always bring backs good memories, because pixel graphic games is identic with the old school or classic. Pixel graphic games that has retro theme is currently trending in the gaming market. These pixel graphics couldn’t help but revive all of gamers memories about the good old days of gaming, when pixel graphic is that good. An example of game that has pixel graphic and also brings nostalgia is The Messenger, Hotline Miami, and Dead Cells.

Let’s not forget that most indie developers grew up playing pixel graphic games, making a game that similar to what they played when they grew up is something for them.

In conclusion; pixel graphic has its own benefits, its easier to use, its cheaper and it doesn’t require much for indie developers, let’s just say it’s the perfect option when making a game. When pixel graphic done right, it can create a beautiful characters and sceneries. Even though pixel graphic doesn’t have much realism as 3D but it can bring gamers to a trip down to memory lane.