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Com2us Announced The 2016 Financial Report

Com2us is a South Korean mobile and online game development/publishing company established in 1998. They specialized in develop games for Android, iOS and others, and one of best product is ‘Summoner Wars’.

Com2us just had announced the 2016 financial results, which is beating expectations with a record breaking 515 billion KRW in sales.

The company recorded 515 billion KRW in sales, 193 billion KRW in operating profit, and 150 billion KRW in net profit, setting new records across all categories.

These result generated Com2us highest sales, operating profit, net profit ever, reflecting growths of 19%, 17%, and 20% YoY, respectively. Moreover, the company’s FY2016 Q4 results also set record sales, hitting 135 billion KRW.

Com2us proved its strength in the global market in 2016, with overseas sales accounting for 86% of total sales, recording 443 billion KRW and reflecting a growth of 22% YoY. In Q4 alone, overseas sales topped 118 billion KRW, cementing Com2us’ place among the top mobile game companies in the world.

Com2us plans to continue to grow as a global leading company by building on the on-going success of its hit mobile games with aggressive global marketing investments.

Com2us has been planning to expand the unique IP of ‘Summoners War’, a game recognized as one of the top mobile RPG games worldwide, by designing the game for a new genre, MMORPG. Com2us will continue to expand the mobile RPG market with ‘Summoners War’ and plans to make it to the top in the global MMORPG market, as well.

Furthermore, Com2us has created a new “IP Strategy Team” which will spearhead global IP and licensing to expand the business. The team’s first step will be to expand the IP of ‘Summoners War’ to cartoons, animation, novels, movies, and various merchandising to strengthen the brand worldwide.

Com2us will target the global market with a strong lineup of games in diverse genres. Independent development projects such as ‘Summoners war MMORPG’, ‘Project S’, ‘Heroes War 2’, as well as games utilizing famous North American Console IPs are planned to expand the market for RPGs.

Additionally, Com2us will continue to introduce games in the major sports genre including new baseball, fishing, and golf titles to maintain and strengthen its standing as the strongest mobile sports games provider.