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Choose the Best Social Media for Your Business Promotion

best social media to promote your business

Choose the Best Social Media for Your Business Promotion is very important. There are few businesses that haven’t already acknowledged and, at the very least, begun to harness the dynamic capabilities of social media marketing. By spending as little as 6 hours per week, over 66% of marketers enjoy enhanced lead generation benefits with social media. A properly executed social media strategy can improve search rankings, drive more website traffic and increase conversion rates.

But how can you craft an effective social media strategy when you don’t even know which channels to choose? With an overabundance of options, it can seem overwhelming to try and determine whether your business needs to build an online presence using Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest and the other social media out there.

What kind of content do you want to create?

This is a particularly pertinent question as there is a variety of different content formats – some of which will complement your business goals and brand identity, and some which won’t. In turn, certain content formats will be more suited to particular social channels than others.

If you want to share industry updates, company news and whitepapers

These content formats are traditionally suitable for B2B audiences who can be predominantly found on professional platforms such as LinkedIn and SlideShare. If you have a company Twitter account or an individual one that you use for professional purposes, these are also ideal platforms on which to engage fellow professionals with industry-specific content.

If you want to share video content

If your video content is short-form and targeted at a younger audience, you may want to consider Instagram, Vine, Facebook or Periscope. If it’s longer and more universal in its appeal, Facebook and Twitter can also generate high levels of engagement. Not to mention YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine with over 3 billion searches a month.

If you want to share image-based content

If you’re a B2C brand with an engaging product to sell, you might want to consider Pinterest. According to Shopify, 93% of users leverage the platform to plan purchases. Instagram is ideal for building an aspirational visual brand story and Tumblr is a channel that leans heavily towards imagery that’s suited to a younger demographic.

If you want to share editorial content

For businesses who want to establish themselves as a trusted industry thought leader, publishing an article on LinkedIn’s publishing platform can expose their brand to over 300million users. Medium is another highly popular publishing platform, 95% of whose readers are college graduates and 43% of whom earn six figures or more.