Studio Visit “MMTC” Yogyakarta to GameLevelOne

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On 20 November 2018, GameLevelOne (GL1) welcomed “MMTC” Yogyakarta for their comparative study. The event was held as part of the company’s development agenda and to introduce the studio to others, especially students.   During the occasion, GL1’s CEO, Felix Ramli introduced GameLevelOne to all of the students. Right after, GL1’s producer, Elwin Setiadi had […]

Gacha Monetizing

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Gacha is one of the dominant monetization mechanics on the F2P market, which allows to monetize all cohorts of players – from minnows, by offering them cheap gachas with low chances to win something valuable,to whales, providing limitless “black hole” that will sink enormous amounts of cash. But what Gacha exactly is? This term is […]

The Chinese Goverment Decided to Ban New Games from South Korean Companies in China

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The Chinese government recently decided to ban the release of new games by South Korean companies in China. “It is being said that the Chinese government unofficially told Chinese firms not to distribute games supplied by South Korean companies,” one of them explained. Any game to be distributed in China has to obtain an approval […]

Mizuchi Engine & Xenko Engine from Silicon Studio in GDC 2017

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Silicon Studio has released two new GDC 2017 trailers for the Mizuchi Engine and the Xenko Next Level Game Engine, showcasing what developers can achieve with these new two game engines. Mizuchi is a high-powered real-time rendering engine that supports physically based rendering concepts, while Xenko is described as an open-source C# game engine designed for […]

Pro Story Telling : Design and Balancing Success with Expectations by Yooka-Laylee Devs

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“I think players expect us to be the best of indie as well as the best of triple-A. They expect a game created with the spirit of independence along with really high production values.” – Playtonic studio director Gavin Price, speaking to Ars Technica about development changes after unexpected success. Yooka-Laylee, Kickstarter home-run and spiritual Banjo-Kazooie […]

4 Things You Need to Become a Digital Thought Leaders

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Thought leaders are known in the digital industry for driving innovation and sharing new ideas. They are trailblazers, advocates and, most importantly, trusted sources of information for their audiences. Thought leaders or influencers are so persuasive, in fact, that “influencer marketing” is now a term with which most digital professionals are now au fait. Thought […]