Be part of people that believe in the same mission, support and grow one another while creating the most meaningful working environment. If we have to spend most our time at work, why not turning it into an amazing experience?

Contribute in Human Resources & Admin Divison

You will be given a chance to support and promote growth GameLevelOne’s most important  assets which is our Team Members. You are not simply joining a culture in HR, but you are also creating it simultaneously.

Human Resources

You are expected to have a high interest on people and businesses that makes up the operational area at work, adaptability in work culture, improving leadership, managing talents, and maintaining good relations.

Business Partners

You will be collaborating together with business leaders to create business agenda throughout integration. Ensuring that no talents remain unnoticed, improving organization skills, improving soft skills, and creating effective culture to make a healthy work relations.

Resources Services

You will be mediating and improving end-to-end Human Resource Activities such as recruitment, learning, reward, and administration. While at the same time aggressively track and observe work progress to ensure set quality standards are met with optimal budgeting.


Contributing in Finance Division

Funding Department

In GameLevelOne can be said as an important element for business growth and team success in every division. Everytime that a new price set-ups, finance division would be in the frontline.

As your challenge in finance division, is to look at past monetary reports and help the company to create important decisions every day. If you feel that finance and accounting is your “game”, you belong in this slot.

Finance Business Partner

Working together with departement to help creating “healthy” and self-initiated monetary decisions.


Applying information process in management to create faithful business values.

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