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Boost Your Productivity by Using This 4 Apps!

Nowadays with digital and technological advancements we can have an assistance to maximize our job performance on a daily basis by using some apps. Email facilitates seamless and instant communication, mobile marketing can significantly enhance website conversions, and social media has established itself as a powerful customer service channel.

Yet for every way in which digital tools can help you to excel in your role, they can also serve as a serious hindrance. Digital distractions are omnipresent – from the overwhelming desire to check your smartphone during the working day, to an overpowering need to access personal emails. If you want to procrastinate, a variety of online deflections are only a click away!

Here are 4 apps that you can use to boost your productivity!

1. Focus Booster

If you haven’t heard of it, the Pomodoro Technique is an approach to time management that was developed in the late 1980s. The method is centred upon the concept of ‘chunking’ your working day into short focus periods, traditionally 25 minutes. These intervals, or Pomodoros, are followed by short, scheduled breaks, which eliminate the likelihood of stress or burnout from overworking. Focus Booster is a time tracking app that you can use to adhere to the Pomodoro Technique, maintain your focus and work smarter.

The app allows you to customize. the length of both your Pomodoros and break times. Sessions are automatically recorded so you don’t have to manually track your time, and can quickly see how long you’ve worked and on which tasks your time has been spent. The simple dashboard also lets you quickly produce reports for analysis and invoicing, helping you to work even more efficiently. A mini timer widget is always visible, yet unobtrusive, so you can see when your next break is.

Compatibility: Web, Windows, iOS

Cost: The starter package is free, while the professional package is $5 a month

2. Offtime

Even when your focus is strong, distractions can easily filter in and offset your workflow. 18% of users can’t go more than “a few hours” without checking Facebook, and 61% of users check their newsfeed at least once a day. Meanwhile, 28% of iPhone users check their Twitter feed before getting up in the morning. It’s unsurprising, then, that some of the biggest obstacles to productivity include social media and online games.

Offtime helps to counteract these distractions with a digital detox of sorts. The app has the ability to restrict access to tempting apps such as Facebook and Twitter, and allows you to block calls, texts and notifications for a chosen time period.

You can customize your connectivity with different settings for work, family, or yourself (the aptly named “Me Time”), choosing the apps to which you need access and when. Offtime also provides you with analytics that provides you with a valuable insight into your phone usage. Find out what you’re doing, when, and for how long, and you could receive a much-needed wake-up call and productivity boost all in one!

Compatibility: Android, iOS.

Cost: The light version for iOS is $3, the Pro version for Android starts at $3.

3. Asana

Whether it’s to keep on top of your daily tasks, or effectively executive a specific campaign, effective digital marketers recognize the importance of project management. Project management software is becoming increasingly popular, as it enables professionals to easily outline tasks, timelines and major milestones for their work.

Asana is one of the best apps for tracking work and managing projects, with its clean, user-friendly interface and extensive list of features and functions. You can easily view your progress for any project or working day. Invite team members to a project and you can leverage Asana as a streamlined communications tool, which will ensure you receive only the most essential updates and enable you to share files and attachments. Create individual tasks within projects, set deadlines and assign them to either yourself or two colleagues. You can even break up tasks into smaller sub-tasks, if you want to take a more granular, detailed approach towards your productivity. Asana also lets you add new workflows as quickly as possible with pre-made templates, and when you realize that a single task has become a more fundamental undertaking, you can easily turn it into a project of its own.

Interestingly, app integrations mean you can automatically create Asana tasks from new notes or reminders in Evernote, or create projects from Evernote notebooks. You can also sync tasks with your Google calendar and cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Compatibility: Web, iOS, Android.

Cost: The basic version is free, Asana Premium costs $8.33 per team member per month.

4. Sleep Genius

Last but not least, your health and productivity are indisputably interlinked. In turn, sleep is one of the most important factors that can affect your health, which is worrying when you consider that nearly 50% of individuals get just six hours of sleep or less a night. Four out of five people complain of disturbed, or inadequate sleep. Without a solid night’s sleep, you’ll find it infinitely more difficult to perform your job effectively.

Sleep Genius is an app that will help you to sleep longer and better. It will help you to establish a target bedtime, which, if adhered to consistently, will help you to re-establish your sleep health. The app will slowly wake you up with a soft, gentle 5 minute revive cycle, designed to ease you into the day.

Sleep Genius incorporates a relaxation program which reduces stress and anxiety by calming the mind and the body with acoustically modified music. It can also calculate the perfect amount of light sleep needed to truly recharge and benefit from a power nap.

Compatibility: Web, iOS, Android.

Cost: The basic version is free, premium features are $4.99.