Anterin: local online transportation is on the rise

In the midst of Uber drivers transferring due to Uber Acquisition to Grab, Anterin took this opportunity to introduce their services. This local online transportation service has been established since 2016, but few know about that.

“We were established in 2016. However, we went to the market just late last year, but our development is getting better and better if we look at the current trend,” said Imron Hamid (CEO and Founder Anterin) as quoted by CNN.com

Anterin provides transportation service, city courier services, and trucking. Unlike the services that exist today, Anterin has a unique service that is not owned by any other competitor. Service rates are determined by the driver using an auction mechanism, so the customer can define their own driver based on the desired criteria.

To use Anterin services is quite easy and familiar. Their features are like others online transportation service provider. After login, set pick-up and drop-off location, then the app will show you the drivers along with the prices. After meeting your best criteria for driver and price, then the driver only have 30 seconds to accept your order or to pass it away to another for you to choose.

As local game developer and publisher, GameLevelOne is happy to know Indonesia’s digital market is on the rise.

Currently, Anterin can only be downloaded from Google play store.